Read what my clients have to say about working with me.

Julius T.

It is with great pleasure and privilege that I write this testimonial on behalf of Kay Moon. I approached Kay because I was seeking to buy my first home in New York City. Kay was immediately available from the beginning, In fact, I received an email from her within an hour of my initial reach out, and was available literally 24/7 throughout my experience with her. As a first-time buyer in New York City, I was intimidated by the horror stories I heard about the New York City real estate market. With her deft touch, deep knowledge, and calm, cheerful demeanor, Kay helped me navigate through the process, to both identify and secure a home that suited me best and in record time! Kay's strategic approach and experience went a long way in minimizing hiccups, and when such hiccups unexpectedly occurred, Kay quickly and smoothly addressed those issues, identified creative solutions when necessary, all the while minimizing my stress level and anxiety. Kay is a consummate professional who is a fierce advocate for her clients. She appreciates and respects that buying, selling, and renting property is not just a transaction, but is also a very personal experience for the client. I wholeheartedly endorse Kay and count her as one of my closest advisors.

Sibly A.

Kay was great. In fact, she was way ahead of me for I received an offer for my apartment the first morning she officially posted it on the market. It turned out in retrospect, it was the best offer I would receive and Kay said to take it, or make a counteroffer quick' etc. but I couldn't move I was so shocked the price was below my original goal. I was frozen, dragged my feet, and needless to say, the buyers soon went elsewhere. But, despite the disappointment, Kay didn't stop, kept working full steam in finding another buyer, and, despite a declining seller's market soon enough brought me a new solid offer. We closed a month ago. In sum, I had a great experience with Kay Moon. She responds to all questions and texts almost immediately, she knows what she is talking about, gives you detailed information, and informs you each step of the way regarding what to expect and why. Kay also worked beautifully with my building's Co-op board and management, as well as with the buyer's agent and lawyer, etc. When we closed, Kay and I went out for drinks and had a grand time. Kay is also a lot of fun and has become a friend.

Alexander P.

Looking for an apartment in New York City can be a very stressful experience. Very soon one is confronted with vastly different neighborhoods to choose from, the extreme fickleness of coop boards, the market pressures forcing you to make quick decisions, and so on. This is where a first-rate professional like Kay is a godsend. She clearly explains the various market realities to you by drawing on her vast in-depth knowledge of all issues relating to real estate in New York City and comes up with a practical strategy to find you the house closest to your expectations that is mindful of your budget. At this point, it becomes clear that she listens carefully to you and cares deeply about your dream house. She is exquisitely efficient, punctual, keeps you abreast of all developments, is perfectly prepared and calm throughout the hectic process of dealing with other agents, bankers, and coop boards. She applies the same philosophy and energy irrespective of whether you are planning on buying an expensive house or simply looking to rent a place; I had the good fortune of working with her in both capacities.

Nancy C.

I would like to thank Kay Kyung Moon for all the help she gave us in buying our new apartment. This was a long and nerve-wracking process, but she held our hands through every step of the way. Without her help, we could not have gone through this. It started with her showing us many apartments until we found one which we liked. Then she helped us get the mortgage we needed. She told us correctly that we could not depend upon Chase bank for the mortgage and gave us the names of a few people at Wells Fargo Bank. They gave us the mortgage. Another place where she helped us was with the Board interview. She gave us a list of questions that boards frequently ask. With this preparation, the Board interview was a breeze. She also gave us sample letters of recommendation which were very useful in getting our letters. In general, whenever we had any questions she was there to answer them. She really deserved your commission.

Carlos & Christine B.

Kay, What a beautiful surprise. When it was announced we had a delivery Christine and I both looked at each other puzzled because neither one of us remembered having ordered anything. And then there it was your package containing a really striking ceramic vase. It was a beautiful gift and also completely unexpected after all the hard work you did for us having to sell our apartment. Incidentally, we bumped into the buyer on our way to see one of our former neighbors, and for several minutes she thanked us for how much she was enjoying her new apartment. She seems to be having the time of her life - fulfilling a dream she has had for most of her adult life. We were moved by her joy and her enthusiasm. Again thanks for your very kind surprise and your Inestimable help throughout the process.

Megan T.

After contacting Kay through her website, we quickly realized how fortunate we were to have found a first-rate realtor over the Internet. In helping us purchase our first coop in the city, Kay looked out for our best interests and was always completely honest-a quality we value above all others. Kay was the reason we were able to close on our first home in the city. We ran into a mortgage issue at the last minute and she was there helping us to get through the most difficult time. We are truly thankful for her service. If you want an accountable broker that will stand by your side to complete a deal, then Kay is the person to go to. We’ve recommended Kay to our friends and family, many of whom now have their own success stories thanks to Kay.

John R.

I was in the market for an apartment, but waiting to find a real estate agent. That was until I went to one of Kay's open houses and we met. Her attitude, demeanor, and professionalism were bar-none. After a couple of weeks, we found my dream apartment only to find that after making an offer, there were multiple other offers that we were competing against. The seller asked for the best and final from all parties and with Kay's guidance, I got the apartment. I have been here for over a year now and continually talk to Kay. I no longer consider her my real estate agent, but my friend. However, you can rest assured that when I decide to sell my apartment, Kay will be the first person that I call to list my home.

Joanne N.

I would highly recommend Kay Moon as a real estate broker. She is thorough, proactive, very knowledgeable about New York real estate including dealing with Co-op Boards, and an overall pleasure to work with. I listed my Upper West Side apartment in late January 2011 with another broker and received no offers. I hired Kay as a replacement 4 months later, and within 2 weeks, receive 2 offers. My final accepted offer was very close to our target price. Kay was also helpful in finding my new apartment which I purchased several months later. She gives honest, constructive advice and criticism on any apartments you are looking to purchase.

Maria & Alex S.

Kay helped my wife and me find and purchase our dream apartment on the Upper West Side. She was very knowledgeable of the New York market and its idiosyncrasies. She listened to what we were looking for in a home and was able to show us a number of apartments that fit the bill some, I might add, which were not listed on all the typical sites, for example, Zillow, street easy, etc. Her experience was obvious as she guided us through the quagmire of purchasing a home in the city. On a personal note, Kay both worked incredibly hard and was a staunch advocate on our behalf. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Galya G.

Kay Moon helped me buy my apartment a few years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, very professional, and patient. She was so helpful throughout this confusing and stressful process, especially that I was buying a co-op apartment which requires a lot of paperwork. She organized it perfectly and made the process fast and smooth. She also helped me a lot with negotiating the price which was great. I will definitely be using her services in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone buying a home.